10 Best Cyber Security TV Shows you can’t skip from watching

best cyber security tv shows

It’svinteresting to see Cyber Security TV Shows where security experts discuss real-life cyber crimes and their responses. Today with the help of the internet, we find many helpful credentials available to make us aware of any possible crime about to take place in the world. Many individuals are addicted to the web and most social media sites where people’s information is not safe as it is being portrayed. However, we as humans have crossed the time of being aware beforehand since humans have already done the damage. I suggest you check out #SocialDilemma on #Netflix once to understand the consequences of social media addiction and how the data is being manipulated on the internet. Now with much being said, check out the list below about a few of the Best Cyber Security TV Shows available on the internet to watch. 

best cyber security tv shows
1. Salvation

An excellent series, though not as “science” as you would undoubtedly expect; there is lots of politics entailed; however, the characters make sense, quite innovative, and the actors are rather persuading in lugging the stress and double-play of the several agencies as well as various lead characters. The story of the show is about saving the earth from an asteroid before it collides with the earth without making the public aware. It has the engaging factor in a straightforward format to ensure that the views are justified. It is created by Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro & Matt JL Wheeler; it is a perfect sci-fi thriller and worth calling a best  cyber security tv show to watch.

best cyber security tv shows
2. Mr. Robot

A dear friend of mine suggested this notable series to me, and I wasn’t really into it. In some way, on an average nothing-less-than-boring type of a day, I stumbled upon this. Let me be frank enough that initially, I thought, “What was all about that boasting?!”. I proceeded to binge with the very same question – up until it was the last quarter of the second period. There onwards – Mr Elliot and Mr Robotic have given me among the best roller coaster views. Don’t think, go for it. That’s the least you can do around this fantastic series. As well as when you’re finished watching the series, look into the mirror – you might see a part of ‘Elliot’ in you!

3. Betas

Unfortunately, the series couldn’t be continued for the remainder of its seasons. Betas was an excellent show to motivate startups or young entrepreneurs to follow your dreams and be your own boss. A great anticipated and well-written script that had the material of attracting the viewers’ attention from the internet. In a competitive market, you should know how to capture the market, and Betas gives you the influence of knowing your coding well and then you might follow up becoming the king of the industry. Young lots, you certainly cannot mix on this one if you are looking for TV Shows on Cyber Security or hacking.

best cyber security tv shows
4. Csi Cyber

I am always seeking to check out series that get fewer ratings from significant networks like IMDB. CSI-Cyber is a definite winner and provides some excessive knowledge about the world of the web and how the internet can be dangerous at times. Many haven’t given promising reviews, which I respect; however, from my perspective, the series had the potential to drive attention to human minds. The series mainly focuses on the crime on the internet and how credit card and banking thefts happen online. With the help of a strong team, the authorities do everything possibilities to stop any crime happening online. 

best cyber security tv shows
5. Halt and Catch Fire

The show portrays a fictionalized insider’s perspective of the computer revolution of the 1980s and the rise of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. The show’s title refers to computer system code education Halt and Catch Fire (HCF), the implementation of which could create the computer’s processor to quit working. From beginning to finish, the show will entertain you with its intriguing plot. It reminds you of this electronic revolution that happened in the late 80s and 90s. The television show has the finest technology-focused, most thought-provoking and intelligently written script. The very best thing about this would be the figures, so well portrayed and written; you may delight in after the journey of every part of this series.

movies and web series reviews
6. Person Of Interest

Crime is unpredictable and can happen at any place and at any time. With the help of technology and the modern functions of artificial intelligence and machine learning- crime can have a solid control. Person of Interest is a show based on stopping a violent act of humanity with the help of modern gadgets and technology. A show that you can rave about and praise to provide quality to your precious time and make it worth it. The show is wonderfully crafted to show you the importance of AI and the human acts of contemptuous violence. 

movies and web series reviews
7. Silicon Valley

In the world of technology or competition, there are many minds available who have the caliber to deliver but are underestimated. Silicon Valley is a show giving a stiff response to those who think that they are the bosses and we, as skillful individuals are nowhere close to them. It is a story about individuals who dream about providing the community with values and ensuring to achieve big in life. Don’t think always aim to achieve, and that is the uniqueness of shows like Silicon Valley that still gives you the pinch to move on and start exploring. 

8. Scorpion

On the verge of something unfortunate, some people are always standing by our sides and trying to protect us. Scorpion is a perfect show to witness and understand the benefits of modern technology. A show that doesn’t make you fall to boredom continues to arouse interest to check out what’s about to come next in the story. There is a mixture of happiness, joy, romance, emotional and most importantly, knowledge well placed in the show and the last season or perhaps the entire season you take something useful out of the show. 

9. Start-Up

Many individuals don’t prefer working for other’s or rather have their ambitions. The startup is a story about a girl trying to form her startup with modern and advanced internet. Unfortunately, building up a startup is not an easy task, so is for Izzy, one of the main characters; she and her team faces many obstacles in between and had to go through a lot of fraudsters. A show that is based on crime, hacking and caring.

best cyber security tv shows
10. Black Mirror

An interesting plot to view where every episode of the show is very attractive and grabs your attention. The concept of the show is letting human know-how technology is going to ruins the lives of humans. A mirror showing us the future reflection about the living that human would live. With terrific storytelling and a fantastic portrayal, Black Mirror wins to be a perfect cybersecurity tv shows to watch. 

Wrapping Up

So with that I wrap up my list of cyber security tv shows that you may want to consider watching online. If incase of any suggestion I am keeping the comment box open for you’ll to leave your suggestions. The post would be updated as and when I come across anything interesting which is related to the subject of the post.

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