Attention Seeking Best Korean Movies on Netflix that you might want to view.

best korean movies on netflix

Ever since the evolution of the internet and the streaming industry growing-There has been immense success arriving for different kinds of origin films. With the help of Netflix, Prime Videos, and many other OTT platforms many different languages of films had arisen to glory. One such language is the Korean Language films. Let me be honest, I am not much into Korean films and there have been only a few which I’ve seen with the help of subtitles. Honestly, these are hidden gems and deserve more public attention. So with that, here are few of the Best Korean Movies on Netflix to watch. 

Before proceeding with the post-, I would like to state that I have not seen all the movies in the post. However, these are recommendations based on the internet’s information and few recommendations by fellow friends who are movie buffs like me. So let’s proceed- 

best korean movies on netflix
1. Forgotten

Hoping to see some breathtaking thriller film, then Forgotten is one to be added to your cart for keeping you hooked up. With an excellent twist and turn- the writer has played well with the minds of the human. Some psychological are meant to be added to the list when there is nothing left to watch, and Forgotten is one of them which can be added to your list. Excellent execution of intensity and a perfect narrative to keep your interest all alive throughout the film.

best korean movies on netflix
2. The Call

The Call is another gripping thriller Korean film that you won’t want to miss watching. Some films never make it to a broader audience, and The Call is one of them. A dark, terrifying time travel film with significant thriller sci-fi effects makes the film worth a view. The film’s story is appealing and has every reason for one to be glued on the seats.

best korean movies on netflix
3. Time To Hunt

When we talk about a heist, then Money Heist is the one that had received excessive love on the web. Time To Hunt is based on the same subject and is very well presented.   You will find a group of young individuals who are friends of each other, planning for a heist due to monetary collapses. The activity pressed scenes in this thrill ride will keep you winded, while the story rigorously continues to grow that attracts eyeballs.

best korean movies on netflix
4. Tune In For Love

Love is always eternal, and it’s not easy to run away from true Love. Tune in For Love as per the information on the web is a simple love story. Two individuals meet each other at a bakery, they get attracted to each other, both of them decides to meet each other again, but fate keeps on separating them. As per the story, it is a cute story dedicated to love, and it also makes you weep.

best korean movies on netflix
5. Psychokinesis

The ratings are not that raving, however after watching this superhero flick. I would rate the film to be worth attention-seeking. Few scenes are hilarious and give you a good laugh. The effects used as a superhero film is sound. Don’t have high expectations; however, if you search for good Korean films to watch on Netflix, then consider looking to Psychokinesis. A film based on emotions from a father towards his daughter.

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6. Along with the Gods

Your fate is destined and is based upon God- where will you go after death. The concept of the story shows that the film had that grabbing power to bring in the interest to watch. The film captured the box office with glorifying figures and was a mammoth hit. The film got huge praises and had a record break opening as per Wikipedia – it had almost 1,263,788 viewers on the first day of its release. 

best korean movies on netflix
7. The Bros

An emotional family drama film that has excellent and exemplary comedy scenes. The story of the film is written very in a simple manner. It has that engaging factor that gives you a compelling value on your precious time. Two brothers meet up at their dads funeral- where they come across an unknown woman who reveals some secrets about their family.

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8. Seoul Searching

Living overseas away from your country might drown the culture from where you belong. Seoul Searching is a teen drama where teenagers meet and share their cultures. The film conveys a good message of brotherhood and love among different countries.

best korean movies on netflix
9. Wish You

Music is a form of bringing in the peace inside your soul. Wish You is meant for those in love with music and can resonate with a true artist’s struggle. This story can perhaps come very close to your heart only if you understand the actual struggling days of a rising star. An excellent motivational story with great conduct of melodies, songs, and music.

Wrapping Up

These movies are so well-presented that they can certainly win over your precious time. In case there are any recommendations of films to be added to the list. Please feel free to share some of your recommendations in the comment box below.

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