9 Best British Shows on Netflix you probably might be missing to watch

best british shows on netflix

Over  the last period of years, the online streaming forum has seen a fierce competition, and there are many compelling series to watch. Series are addictive and make one awake up until we do not binge-watch the whole series. As viewers, we always would like to invest our precious time in the Best Series available online. We all are aware of Netflix; however, are you also well informed about a few of the Best British Shows on Netflix to watch.

Netflix has something or the other in the store, including some fantastic Vintage TV shows to watch. This guide is about offering you the Best British Shows to watch and avoiding the moderate ones from your watchlist.

best british shows on netflix
1. The End Of The Fucking World

Based on a Novel- The End of the Fucking World is about two 17-year old individuals. Who decides to go on a road trip searching for the father of one of the individuals who left home at an early stage. James, who is pretty sure he is a psychopath, has decided it is time to graduate from killing creatures to something more extensive, and he has already got a goal in mind. Alyssa, a famous person at school, feels she doesn’t fit to be in school despite being popular. Together, they both involve more and more into problems and troubles as their quest progresses in the father’s hunt.

The Best British Shows that attracts your eyes and are worth watching on Netflix 3
2. The Fall

First of all, I’ll state this story isn’t suitable for everybody. Should you prefer viewing fast‑paced, action‑packed thrillers, this isn’t meant for you to watch. A perfect Dark Thriller British show to watch on Netflix. Sometimes, it’s impossible for a human being to portray his desire and obsession. A person’s mind kills one from within, which leads him to become a psychopath and walk the road of crime. A Story, very well presented with its subject and makes you hooked up till the entire show.

The Best British Shows that attracts your eyes and are worth watching on Netflix 4
3. Merlin

It is a show that perhaps includes everything for viewers to watch-coming in the form of adventure, comedy, and a great love story. If you seek some great fantasy watch with some extra drama added as an excellent flavor, Merlin is a perfect watch on Netflix. A series that is like storytelling will make you addicted so much that it becomes impossible not to binge-watching the whole show.

The Best British Shows that attracts your eyes and are worth watching on Netflix 5
4. Get Even

A teenage drama series that has the voice of teenagers rising to fight for justice. However, it has a unique concept to watch- which will undoubtedly make the worth of time. The rating shows average on the internet, but I certainly would agree that the time was not wasted after catching up with the Netflix series. A mysterious drama series can’t be ignored and cannot be compared as every material has its taste.

best british shows on netflix
5. Collateral

‘Collateral’ is a four-part thriller series mostly shoot in London divided into four segments. The story delves around the investigation defending a pizza delivery guy and not accepting the charges. It’s a short and limited series available on Netflix-which undoubtedly was less in hype but deserved more visibility. I consider the series worth a watch since it evolves around crime, and the thriller gives you a hit-up to consider showing your gratitude for the series.

best british shows on netflix
6. Bodyguard

The trailer bounds you to consider watching this well-framed series on Netflix. A show which has only one season and can hook you up from the very start. In this drama, a war veteran is assigned to safeguard the Home Secretary, an ambitious politician whose stage right conflicts with the veteran’s politics. As their relationship grows, his ethical dilemma grows increasingly involved with his professional duties to protect her.

The Best British Shows that attracts your eyes and are worth watching on Netflix 6
7. Sick Note

The Sick Note is a show asking for kindness in return for a dangerous disease-which is a hoax. A story about a person who is in the impression of having cancer but later finds that his cancer was a mistake. Later, he decides to proceed with his life by telling people he is still diagnosed with cancer and gain sympathy in return. If you search for some fantastic Dark Comedy show to watch, Sick Note is highly recommended and is worth tagging the show with Best British Shows on Netflix to watch.

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8. Safe

Safe is an intense-drama series which certainly addicts you with its plot that has twist and turns. An excellent masterpiece that gives you an edge of a seat experience. This is based upon a Novel where a father starts looking out for his missing daughter and on the verge of finding his missing daughter. He discovers the true pictures of those near him and there helping nature towards the daughter’s finding.

movies and web series reviews
9 Sherlock

A modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes detective series, Sherlock, revisits Holmes’ age-old duo, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and Dr. John Watson played by Martin Freeman, in modern-day England.

Having returned home from serving in Afghanistan, Watson becomes flatmates with Holmes in London and starts assisting him in his investigations. I am sure that the name itself will create the buzz to watch it with one shot.

Wrapping up

Well I am wrapping up the list with 9 of my best collection of series to watch. As soon as I am across any more great series to watch- it will be included in the list. In the meanwhile, do feel free to leave some suggestions in the comment section below.

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