Watch these highly recommended Best Psychological Horror Movies to blow your mind.

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Best Psychological Horror Movies, which happens to be the ultimate resource to make your time worth and give you a blasting experience. Psychological movies are mostly very much appealing and give you an edge of a seat feeling where one wouldn’t prefer to miss a scene. There are many movies available on the internet, but we as viewers would always like to invest our valuable time in the best. 

There is a particular sort of pleasure in seeing cinema which doesn’t only exhilarate in its morbidity but consciously makes the viewer feel as he or she’s losing his or her mind. So, lets blow your mind with these Psychological Horror Movies to watch.

List of Best Psychological Horror Movies to watch

best psychological horror movies
1. Phobia

With the superb acting of Radhika Apte in Phobia- the movie is a winner among the list of Psychological Movies to watch. A story about a girl, who has been haunted with her past and faces many challenges to overcome an extreme act of brutality in her past. The movie keeps you engaged very well and gives an unpredictable scenario, perhaps a perfect mysterious thriller drama you can vouch for watching.

best psychological horror movies
2. The Guest

The Guest, a 2014 indie movie which came and went fairly unnoticed upon its first release, is becoming a cult classic among a particular subset of movie lovers. It is a slow atmospheric burn constructed around a creepy mystery flick with a stunning lead performance. The film stars Dan Stevens, an intensely charismatic actor who got his start to the British TV series Downton Abbey before continuing to feature films and American television. A story about a soldier who introduces himself into the Peterson household, claiming to be a friend of the son who died in action. Following the young guy is welcomed into their house, a string of accidental deaths appear to get linked to his existence.

The Psychological Horror Movies which you just can't take your eyes away from watching. 3
3. The Hills Have Eyes Alexandre Aja's

The Hills Have Eyes Alexandre Aja’s is the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, that is about a bunch of desert-dwelling mutants, who had been unsettling enough only dependent on the characters’ physical deformities alone. When an entire gang of those crazed cretins began attacking one household in gratuitously horrible manners, it was just too much, sending some theatre patrons sprinting away. What made the movie especially tough to survive was the way nobody was safe from the clutches of those animals — not the puppy or the infant. A perfect film which is very dark and quite disturbing that can be related to the best psychological Horror Movies to eye on.

best psychological horror movies
4. Trouble Every Day

Trouble Every Day Not everyone has a taste for cannibalism, and the huge walkouts and festival booing the unrated 2001 horror-drama Trouble Every Day by Claire Denis earned is proof. The film introduces an American couple honeymooning in Paris. However, the husband is really on a mission to track down the wife of a fellow doctor he’d been obsessed. What he sees when he finds the bunch is the girl who is the object of his obsession has a nasty habit of seducing men. . .and eating them, living out her deepest desires in explicit visual detail.

best psychological horror movies
5. Paranormal Activity

With a found footage premise, this spooktacular film was designed to inspire people that ghosts exist. A story about a San Diego couple experiencing rumblings and mumblings around their new home, you might consider that their life gets flipped upside down. Since it’s not frightening enough to imagine a ghost lurking around the corner, what’s even more disturbing is that we discover a loved ones has been possessed. Paranormal Activity reminded everybody that ghosts could be waiting to snatch you up and toss you around the room like a rag doll when and where you are least expected.

best psychological horror movies
6. The Good Neighbor

I think the film is sufficiently interesting to support your view right to the end. The reconnaissance thought is intriguing and particularly the secret of what’s down there in the storm cellar. James Caan’s character isn’t uncovered to be weak right till the end with the unexpected development since he apparently has a fight with a neighbor about his canine and what he will do to it on one event and to separate his front entryway with a hatchet angrily on another-proposing that he is a long way from a weak elderly person and somebody to be feared. If you like tension and a story that ceaselessly keeps you speculating about what will occur next with an edge of a seat in sight, then I genuinely recommend Good Neighbor to be a great watch.

The Psychological Horror Movies which you just can't take your eyes away from watching. 4
7. Hush

What could have been more startling – when you find an uninvited guest approaching towards your door with the motive of killing you. We’ve seen this plot happen with sickening dread movies multiple times previously. However, we’ve never observed a film approach the way how Hush did it to its story. The title really attracts you, and just dependent on that portrayal alone, essentially, you realize this film will be ensured fascinating. With that to say, a story which is very much engaging, where a girl fights for her life and whats more promising to keep the story alive is that the girl is deaf- which is insane.

best psychological horror movies
8. Backtrack

The rating falls apart for Backtrack; however, going by a few words of mouth regarding the film, I consider the film to be an excellent psychological thriller film that one can watch. Backtrack is a journey through Peter’s dim memory as he struggles to figure out how to make things right between his past and present. This psychological thriller serves as a potent reminder that Adrien Brody is a singular talent — and he turns in a fantastic performance in the movie.

The Psychological Horror Movies which you just can't take your eyes away from watching. 5
9. Black Swan

The movie proves how good a movie can be without any VFX effects and only pure acting. The film revolves around 26 years old Nina Sayers(played by Natalie Portman), a ballerina obsessed with devotion, doing what she can despite fighting with her complicated personal issues. Nina, a charming, delicate girl, captured the interest of her teacher Thomas Leroy, who allows her to play ‘Black Swan,’ which means a huge deal for her. Suffering from Psychosis, Nina competes with her only friend, lily, who also is chosen to play the role.

Final Words

Your contribution is highly appreciated if you have some recommendation to be added on the list. I will be regularly updating the post sooner or later whenever I come across any more psychological horror movies to watch-till then enjoy the list of movies on the post and keep tuning in for more movie related post in the future.  Thank you for your visit. 

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