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Fantasy films are always entertaining and a joy to watch. A film that brings a smile to our face and a lot of attraction basis the picturization of the subject. The last fantasy film that I saw on Netflix was Star Dust; it was an intriguing flick to watch- which I consider one of the best fantasy films of recent times that I saw. Similarly, Amazon Prime, on the other hand, also has some great collections of Fantasy films that might attract you.

Let’s quickly take you through to some of the recommendations about Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime, which might grab your attention.

Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime to watch.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
1. Jack The Giant Slyder

If you are searching for a fairy tale fantasy movie, then consider watching Jack The Giant Slyder. The film includes love, romance and the extreme boundaries that a lover can cross to safeguard the existence of love. You would probably like the way, how the movie is being portrayed with its incredible special effects and some great scenes that are justified for your views.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
2. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

The movie will give you an adventurous feeling of some incredible magic with lovely picture effects. It is a story about a magician seeking help from his friends in helping him escaping unique magical creatures. While you watch the film, you might be getting the feeling of witnessing the Harry Potter Series.  

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 3
3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter series is the favourite of many when we talk about Fantasy Movies to watch. Amazon Prime includes all the series of Harry Potter in their platform, which is the best part, so you don’t need to go to any other streaming platform. Almost all the part of the movie was intriguing and grabbed attention. The film became a franchise and had won the love of the viewers.

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 4
4. Snow White and the Huntsman

Don’t neglect later if you’ve not yet seen this masterpiece as its one of the most attention-seeking film that you might be missing from your watchlist. Snow White and the Huntsman maintains the pace and ensures to not to let your expectations ruined. If you are looking for a few of the Best Fantasy movies, then I suggest you watch this film. It’s gripping, eye-catching, has excellent graphics with some mind-blowing VFX which will provide you with a pleasant view.

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 5
5. Beauty and the Beast

Love can happen with anybody, and in this film, it’s been explained in a very dynamic way. A movie about a prince who has cursed to be a beast for the rest of his life falls for a girl whom he abducts to be his prisoner. True love can happen with anybody, and #Beautyandthebeast gives a remarkable definition of true love. Perhaps, the one which you could have asked for only if you are looking for the Best Fantasy movies on amazon prime to watch.

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 6
6. Pan’s Labyrinth

Something innovative and unimaginary awaits for you in Pan’s Labyrinth. The film has excellent art to portray with some mind-blasting good scenes to grab your interest. A situation where a girl enters a different world as a princess basis some clauses to be fulfilled.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
7. Wrath of The Titan

A lot of individuals has not appreciated the film; however, I would like to defend by stating though it’s not a good movie, but the picturization and the way of presenting the film were eye-grabbing. The negatives about the film are that the film lacks in story, however, if you are looking for some good action-packed fantasy film then Wrath of The Titan, can be a good choice.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
8. Van Helsing

Looking for a Vampire movie with some sound fantasy effects of devils all around, Van Helsing can be the ultimate watch. A story about an individual sent to a place to fight the evils and set the location free. In between, there are some explicit scenes which will give you a great experience to view.

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 7
9. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

With the perfect graphics and some excellent attractive scenes in the movie- Lord of the Rings is a definite winner in the league of Fantasy movies to watch. The film was a mammoth winner in terms of business and had great jam packed houses worldwide. A story which is engaging and keeps you hooked up till the last moments of the film. Something really fascinating and enticing to watch.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
10. The Forbidden Kingdom

An individual being sent on an adventurous tour without his concern finds himself in a troublesome situation. Where he is being elected for a particular cause, which is the uniqueness of the film. Martial art films are always attention-seeking, and The Forbidden Kingdom is one such film that has excellent martial arts laying to showcase the viewers.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
11. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

We have come across stories of evil forces trying to conquer the world in many movies. Veteran and the City of a Thousand Planets is a story about two individuals trying to protect the world from evil forces. Just in case you want to be entertained with some rock-solid action, drama alongside unnatural species to be found in a film, then Veteran and the City of a Thousand Planets can be worth a try.

fantasy movies on amazon prime
12. Forest Fairies

Many wont agree upon the film to be a good fantasy film that you can watch on amazon prime, but basis the way how the story of the film was framed and presented was very well justified. A hidden low budget film to watch with childrens at home, since its a perfect family and children oriented movie to watch.

Great Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime that will justify your precious time 8
13. Immortals

An epic masterpiece about a battleship between God and the evils.  The film gives an excellent view about how an evil mind can never be victorious upon those who are pure from heart. The film shows that man is immortal.His spirit never dies. In case his body dies, his soul is granted to another individual, be it his child, grandchild, or somebody else. Thus his journey starts all around.

Wrapping Up

I will be keeping the post updated whenever I come across any more Fantasy Movies on Amazon Prime. Till then enjoy the movies on the list in case there are any suggestions you would like to be mentioned on the list. Do let me know in the comment section below. I am always open for comments

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