Let’s Remember the old age of Bollywood with these Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies.

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies

Movies might be old but can never be faded only if you are a passionate lover about films. Some of the Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies are so fascinating that to date people continue chattering their names in mind. Especially the ones who had got the opportunity of living the moment.

I was born in 1988, and I still remember those days when ZEE CINEMA was more famous than #Netflix is today. But those days were different and the life today which we are living is different- surrounded by modern technology, gadgets, the internet and many more.

However, few Old Bollywood Hindi Movies are still the same and watching them in a new mode of entertainment which is on streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Videos, and many more is a different experience.

Here’s a little look back and some of the old images of the late ’90s


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I hope you remember this famous box at that age where we used to play the games of bricks and little did we know how the time would pass- but now it’s pub-g which has taken over.

best bollywood old hind movies


If you are an individual born in the late ’90s, then I hope you can relate with this above image.

Now, enough of remembering the late 90’s with the images. Let dive into some of the Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are still refreshing and a pleasure to watch. 

List of Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 3

A record-breaking movie and I am sure the film doesn’t require to be introduced. A film which was presented in colour after a long time and if we witness the film once again then I am sure it can create the same embark which it did in the late ’90s. A film about love, hatred, emotions with some epic scenes that will last in our minds forever.

Best old bollywood hindi movies

The love of a mother can’t be compromised as it’s always eternal. Mother India a story about a struggling mother crossing any extent to ensure the welfare of her sons. A movie that can make you weep and make you realize the importance of mother’s in your life. Nargis essaying the role of a mother is so fantastically heartwarming and perhaps becomes one of her best to date. 

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 4

A story about friendship, survival and doing everything possible to continue the strong bonding of fellowship. A movie that is a must-watch to understand the true definition of friendship. Two individuals having physical problems coming on the streets for survival but ensuring that the bond doesn’t get affected- Perhaps one of the greatest movies of the ’90’s explaining about the true definition of friendship. 


The best thing which I liked about the film is the songs which are really touching and very well executed. A story about misunderstanding in love but as they say when there is true love, no misunderstanding can expel the true love within—an excellent portrayal with perfect lyrics in the songs.

best old bollywood hindi movies

Mehboob nailed it in this masterpiece, and the story is so heart touching that it becomes impossible to state any negative remarks about the film. Kunwara Baap is a story about a rickshaw driver who changes his life when a kid enters his life who has polio. The moral of the story in life is that few individuals can change you from being irresponsible to responsible; it’s just the emotional touch which is required to understand the actual emotions inside you. 

best old bollywood hindi movies

With the shrill and the melodies voice of Lata Mangeshkar in “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai” Shor undoubtedly is a winner to me from my eyes. A solid picturization and the way how it was narrated with Manoj Kumar as the lead will always be an epic saga with once in a lifetime moment. I saw most of the films on the list in ZEE CINEMA, and shor was also one of them, perhaps a tremendous best  Old Bollywood Hindi Movies to watch. 

best old bollywood hindi movies

One of the Blockbusters in the prime days of Kaka uff Rajesh Khanna. The symbolic Roti defines the need of an individual how far you can reach to fill your stomach. The film had Kaka at its best and was the heart of many movie lover’s who are die-hard fans of Kaka. If you are planning to watch an Old Bollywood Hindi Movies, then don’t ignore Roti from your watchlist. 

best old bollywood hindi movies
8. Amar, Akbar, Anthony

You can’t stop laughing when you see Big B in front of the mirror and telling “itna mara tereko itna mara” one of my favourite laughter scenes.  I am sure the film is very much familiar to many individuals, and it should be only because of the way Big B creates his charismatic presence in the movie. A sure worth an Old Bollywood Hindi movies which can be watched again. 

best old bollywood hindi movies
9. Sholay

There are many stories about this epic and evergreen Hindi movie-SHOLAY. I guess this is the only film where small characters were also famous as the leads like Sambha, Kaalia, etc. The dialogues of Sholay was a mammoth success and people till date recall Gabbar played by Amjad Khan with the famous Bollywood Dialogue as Tera kya Hoga Kaalia. 

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 5

The story of Ram Aur Shyam has been remade many times, but the original will always be the heartthrob of many movie lovers. A complete entertainer with two legends of Hindi Cinema Dilip Kumar and Pran together to watch.

best old bollywood hindi movies

A story which has again been re-witness in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. A simple script with some good performance by Sachin the lead and had some very touching songs. A film giving us a small glimpse about the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh.

best old bollywood hindi movies

This movie proved to be the turning point in Big B’s acting career and brought him immense Bollywood success. The film stands with its subject of a revenge saga, and the song Yaari hai became the heartthrob of a majority of people.

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 6
13. KARZ

When I saw this movie at ZEE Cinema the first time, I was in love with the film’s music. Rishi Kapoor set up a classic stage for himself from Karz and proved his excellence in acting. No matter if it’s Rauf Lala in Agneepath or Monty in Karz-The actor had left us with his remarkable acting, and there is no replacement for him.

best old bollywood hindi movies

A very realistic film explaining the basic necessity of life. One of those movies at that age brought meaning and gave us a fine example of what it takes to earn your basic requirement Food, Clothing, and Shelter. The songs and the song’s words are so meaningful, which I am sure won’t be liked by present individuals; however, it’s heart touching words in the song. 

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 7

Big B was at his peak and most of his films were superhit in the Box and so was Muqaddar ka Sikandar. Amitabh took the role of a drunker at a next level and made it look epic in this evergreen best Old Bollywood HIndi movies.


A very well made love story where there was emotion, action and a love story been described extravagently. The ending was really very tearing and had immense emotions in it which might bring some tears in your eyes. The voice of Lata Mangeshkar is an add-on which is a perfect Old Bollywood movie requirement.

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 8
17. DON

The police and crime drama was at the epicentre in Don, and with Amitabh, in the house, nothing could have defeated Don from success. The hit dialogue of Don Ko Pakarna mushkil hi nahin namumkin will always be in the minds of many audiences.

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 9

The loyalty of a dog can’t be described in words perhaps can be proven to be your best partner in life. Teri Meherbaniyan came up with the concept of a dog taking the revenge of his owner who was brutally murdered and the way how the film was presented was remarkable. With closed eyes when this movie comes in my mind I think it deserves to be in the list of the Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies.

Best old bollywood hindi movies

Anand was among one of the finest films made in the Indian cinema.  Rajesh Khanna was terrific in his portrayal of such a fantastic character and so goes to Amitabh Bachchan. A masterpiece flick with some lovely creative minds behind the making of the film.

Best Old Bollywood Hindi Movies which are immortal and unforgetable 10

A story about commitment and the love for an animal. A classic tear dropping film from Kaka who was very rare in disappointment towards his selections of films and Haathi Mere Saathi was one of them.

Wrapping up

I hope the list was up to satisfactory- however it won’t be justified without your suggestion and I would be adding up more add-ons in the list very soon- Till then be safe and be happy.

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