13 Best Horror Movies on Netflix that you are missing to watch

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If you are looking for the best horror movies on Netflix, there are quite a few good horror movies that you might find. The real fun of watching a horror movie is in the dark with popcorn by your side, along with some coke to enjoy the scary scenes.

The world is going through a big crisis, and people are advised not to step out of their house. In such a global pandemic situation, the OTT platform is taking full advantage as people are mostly glued onto their Smart Tv, Laptop, mobile phones, etc.

13 Best Horror Movies on Netflix which is a fair watch

best Horror Movies on Netflix
1. Before I Wake

The first word which comes in my response about this film is Wow- Something refreshing, totally a new concept that shall drive your interest to watch this superb flick.

A story about a little boy who can’t sleep because if he does, then his dreams become real, which is the scary part of the film.

Sometimes, a human mind can be so innovative that they come up with films like Before I Wake. The film keeps you engaged, and in the end, we’ll make you applaud the makers: great work and a lovely watch. If you need to know whether to watch it or not, I say you are welcome to see the raving reviews from the audiences on google or in IMDB about this film, which is hardly harmful. 

The little boy in the film is so fantastic with his actions that you won’t feel like you are watching a newbie.

2. The Ritual

A very well made horror film. The film doesn’t seem to be lacking in anything as all expectations are fulfilled while watching a horror movie. 

Effects are generally on high latitude for a horror flick, and The Ritual holds it steady. Sound is presented in a manner that keeps the suspense alive, and with the jump of some scary scenes in between ensures the anxiety not to be wasted.

All the four lead casts on the film were presented brilliantly. A story about four individuals going on a trek, but unfortunately, the trek turns out to be a nightmare for them—a sure shot one of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix to watch.

3. 1922

A movie is defined with its story, and if a story is well presented, then nothing can defame a film. A story worth a watch, which doesn’t include creepy moments but some scenes with intense acting, is outstanding.

The film is mostly about humans’ emotions and psyche. While watching the flick, it gets connected well with your mind, much better than zombie types horror flick, which is not much scary-but are just meant to scare.

The story and the acting are all phenomenal, which goes hand-in-hand with the sound effects.

best Horror movies on Netflix

Keep your earphones on and start getting scared with the sound effects. A film that can give you a scare ride and make you awake the whole night.

A story about a writer struggling to get a hit, shifts to a property to solve a mystery he saw in a tape. However later, risk his entire family life at risk as to the property where he shifts hold supernatural powers

The film’s direction is extravagant, which doesn’t require any further padding as it is at its best. There are no cheap stunts or a competitive horror scene; it’s creepy, which makes you bite your nails at times, almost Diana’s experience in Lights Out.

best Horror Movies on Netflix
5. Lights out

It scared the hell out of me, perhaps one of my favorite Horror Flick in recent times. Diana coming out in the dark will scare you apart, and the ending shall make your time worth. 

In short, the story is about a family who has been traumatized with an evil shadow called Diana, who only appears in the dark. It holds the grip within to ensure the audience’s existence to be alive and not be losing interest. 

Lights Out is a definite winner if one searches for some Horror Movies to watch on Netflix. 

best horror movies on netflix

 I thought Oculus wouldn’t be of my type, but it was my wrong choice. Oculus, a story about a brother and a sister trying to prove that a mirror holds an evil spirit. Who is responsible for the death of their family. Unfortunately, the saddest part is that they don’t get to win at the end. 

I hoped that there would be a happy ending, but it still stands with the subject, ensuring the prove was a failure.

It’s a lovely and well made psychological thriller Horror movie to watch- perhaps can be appointed as the Best Horror Movies on Netflix. 

Best Horror Movies on Netflix to scare you apart 3
7. The Conjuring

The Conjuring gave a scary touch, and the best part is to catch up with the film in the dark to enjoy the real fun of watching a Horror flick.

With an excellent storyline and the right direction- The Conjuring doesn’t seem to be leaving any areas of improvement. 

One of the film’s scariest scenes is when the evil spirit claps in the ears of the lady and says, wanna play “Hide and Clap.”  

The film perhaps stands to be one of Best Horror Films for many movie freaks like me.

8. The Possession

The film is the new version of The Exorcism, and there is nothing new about the film. However, I found the film to be creepy and worth a watch.

A film based on real events, which is a surprisingly gripping movie that might shake you with some scary scenes.

Nothing new, nothing extraordinary; however, ensure to fulfill expectations and make your time worth watching. 

Every film has its share; therefore, there is no comparison with The Exorcist; however, I consider it a one-time watch. 

best Horror Movies on Netflix
9. The Ring

The Ring gives everything which is required to be a perfect watch for a Horror flick.

Something that is scary and gives you a frightening view while watching the film on the big giant screen of a Smart Tv.

My honest response to the film is that if I got to name some of the Best Horror films, then The Ring is a sure winner. 

The acting, the scene’s, the screenplay, the direction are all at the tip of their toes to be victorious towards scaring people. 

best horror movies on netflix
10. Truth or Dare Extended Director’s Cut

Whether you agree or not, however, I found the film to be bringing in the interest in me and giving me a scare view. 

Horror movies should have scenes that can make you terrified and grab both your hands together to check- what’s going to come up next. 

The best experience to watch a Horror film is to have your earphones on and watch it in the dark. Truth or Dare Extended Director’s Cut can give you a thrilling experience and shall make you vouch for the film surprisingly.

best horror movies on netflix
11. Train to Busan

Are you searching for some Zombie type Horror flicks to watch just like World War Z, then this is a perfect watch awaiting for you in the wishlist?

Train to Busan a simple story about a father trying to protect his children from Zombie attacks.

He crosses any extent to ensure the safety of his children. 

Perhaps, not the best, however, basis Zombie type Horror, then yes, it’s a considerable watch.

12. The Apostle

I wasn’t considering watching the film; however, there was nothing left, so I thought of giving this film a view of mine.

The film can be neither best nor bad; it’s an average flick that will make you seated until the end.

Few scenes are creepy and can give you a scary feeling.

The film doesn’t scare you with the supernatural powers or some scary witches, it’s the people in the movie will scare you.

13. The Awakening

The film is a bit slow; however, the film’s attraction is its suspense, mystery, and a few Horror scenes.

The story wanders around the life of a girl who doesn’t believe in ghosts and is given a task to investigate a place where suspicious activities had taken place.

The exciting plot about the film is the twist, and the turn and how it’s been portrayed make it worth a watch.

Wrapping up- I hope the lists above are as per expectation let me know if in case there is anything more that needs to be added on the list. I am always open to suggestions.

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